We are Easy Life Lanier dock monitoring, and were founded by Bricks Hudgens, former Chick-Fil-A team manager, so meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, is our top priority. While being a lake dweller for many years ourselves, one common theme we hear from other dwellers is that dockmonitoringand moving services on Lake Lanier are grossly lacking in personalized customer service and scheduled attention to detail. Dock owners do not know when or if their dock is being maintained, moved, and inspected properly, and when problems do arise, getting customer service response is often hard if not impossible.We are here to change all of that. While most dock monitoring companies only come out when the lake fluctuates 2 feet up or down, we know that a lot of other issues can arise on a dock, besides water level fluctuations. Docks need to be checked regularly, for tie off integrity, dock box and dock item security, cable and winch oxidation, boat lift failures, and the list just goes on and on. Each dock is different, just like the individual owner. At Easy Life Lanier, we come out to your dock a minimum of once per month, and more when needed, and check everything on your dock. We then email you a complete checklist of everything that was inspected and even attache current photos of your dock, highlighting any issues that might be arising now or in the near future. (see sample inspection report attached).If you’re thinking your already under contract with another company, please know that if you have been in that contract for more than 12 months, you have the right to try us, and if you wish, you may cancel your current agreement with 30 days written notice.

Here’s our pitch, allow us to come out and inspect and adjust your dock FREE of charge. If you feel comfortable with our service and professionalism, then we would value you as one of our newest customers. Just drop us a call at 770-831-3984 or email us at bricks@easylifelanier.com. Thanks for your consideration and God bless.

Lake Level Monitoring & Maintenance

At Lake Lanier the lake level continuously changes.  Docks can get stranded, or the walkway will come under water so you can’t get to your dock any longer.

At The Dock Doctors our dock moving program monitors the lake level daily and checks everything on your dock once a month.  In this monthly checkup we: make sure that your cables and wenches are lubed up and are where they should be, we check the water depth at your docks four corners, make sure your boat is tied down, check the overall structure of your dock, and of coarse move the dock when needed.

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